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50% off A 3 Problem-Solving Methodology

By Paul Adams - Sunday, August 14, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 50% off A 3 Problem-Solving Methodology. The Proven Technique for Empowering Your Employees and Ramping up Business Performance.

50% off A 3 Problem-Solving Methodology

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Course Description

Effective problem solving at every level of your business is crucial to its operational efficiency. While the majority of companies fail to instil even the most basic problem-solving skills in their employees, it’s been widely recognised that those organisations willing to invest in the professional development of their work force are far more likely to meet and exceed their goals and objectives.

By fostering a workplace culture that encourages problem solving, you can empower your employees to become an integral part of improving overall business performance. With the right problem solving methodology, you’ll not only see ongoing advancements in all areas of your business, you’ll benefit from increased productivity, and higher profits.

The concept behind the A3 methodology is simple: it’s the communication of a proposed idea on a single sheet of paper – no more and no less. In Lean organisations like Toyota, where time is short and everyone performs multiple functions, the act of condensing a problem down to a single, easy to digest page has led to incredibly successful results.

As simple as the concept sounds, the A3 has proven to be a highly effective method for keeping both the attention and the support of everyone involved in a problem solving situation. By implementing this straightforward approach, and the thought process behind it, across the departments of your organisation, the A3 will soon become an invaluable component of your company’s strategy for dealing with problem situations. 

Completing this course will make it possible for business owners and managers to give employees at every level the necessary tools to become effective problem solvers. The A3 problem-solving process is efficient, can be driven down to the process level with very little training, and is highly effective almost immediately.

By creating an organisation of problem solvers capable of addressing more than 99% of the operational snags typically encountered within a company, you’ll gain incremental rewards that will quickly build toward more cumulative performance improvements, and significant cost savings. Your organisation will also reap the many benefits associated with promoting a culture dedicated to improving the cognitive skills of its employees.

By completing this course, you’ll learn the basic principles behind the A3 methodology, and how to use it to effectively develop the problem-solving skills of your employees. You’ll understand the positive relationship between successful problem solving and company-wide improvements in operational efficiency, quality, productivity, delivery, safety, and overall profitability. You’ll also recognise the importance and many benefits attached to the cultivation of a workplace philosophy that values professional development at all levels. 

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