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50% off Advanced SQL Server Performance Tuning

By Paul Adams - Thursday, August 25, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 50% off Advanced SQL Server Performance Tuning. A Pragmatic Real World Approach To Tuning SQL Server.

50% off Advanced SQL Server Performance Tuning

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Course Description

Please note: This is a continuation from my first course titled, "How to Become a World Class SQL Server Performance Tuner." I highly recommend you take that course first.

"I've been working as SQLServer dba for +8 years, but I'm still learning every single day... So, thanks a lot for your courses, videos and tutorials, they really help me."


"He uses clear cut examples to illustrate real world scenarios. Mike is one of the few SQL Server instructors that seems very focused on performance issues and I'm really glad to have stumbled onto his courses."


This course focuses on making SQL Server perform more optimally.

In my first course we laid the groundwork by tuning OUR instances with a top down approach.

WE will continue on that path with this course.

Even though the course has the word “Advanced" in it, there's NOTHING COMPLICATED about taking what's in the course and applying it in the real word.

It's “advanced" in that I'll take more time explaining how to implement these recommendations.

The course is still very much a "buttons and Knobs" course. This simply means WE won't dive too deeply into the minutia. We are still going to focus on items that are easily implemented. Some features will have a level of contention associated with them in the SQL Server community. It will be up to you decide to implement or not.

Additionally, some of the concepts may be new to even more senior level resources so I want to make sure I'll cover the why of the topic as well as the how.

This course will give YOU deeper insight into what it takes to become a skilled PERFORMANCE TUNER.

Once thought of as an art, performance tuning is nothing more than a series of processes that seek to accomplish TWO basic goals.

The FIRST one is to increase the response time for a given transaction or set of transactions.

The SECOND one is reduce resource consumption. On the surface this sounds simple but nothing could be further from the truth.

Take the next step on YOUR performance tuning journey and SIGN UP now.

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