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50% off The Day to Day Real World SQL Server DBA

By Paul Adams - Thursday, August 25, 2016 No Comments

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50% off The Day to Day Real World SQL Server DBA

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Great content and teaching. Gave me a clear understanding of DBAs do. I cant wait for that to be my title one day soon. - Abigail 

The way of presentation was awesome and easily understandable.  - Srikkanth

Great++++ - Keylin

Course Summary

All videos filmed in 1080 and audio is crystal clear.

What do SQL Server DBAs do all day? 

The answer really is… it depends on the day. 

Most DBAs start their day with some kind of caffeine.. usually coffee… then start checking job failures and other alerts. 

Did any jobs fail last night? If so… was it a critical job? Can we kick it off right now during core hours? Why did it fail? Backup failures will need to be kicked off immediately. 

We simply can’t have production databases without backups. The good thing about backups is there highly optimized and can often be run during core hours. 

The DBA will have to troubleshoot the failures and answer the questions above. 

You’ll set up dev, test and other non-production environments. You’ll create users, import and export data and plan high availability and disaster recovery options. 

In this course I’m going to cover some fundamental tasks the SQL Server DBA may be asked to perform on a day in day out basis. 

Thanks for your interest in “The Day to Day Real World SQL Server DBA.” 

The first 10 minutes are free on every Udemy course. Please take a moment to watch all ten minutes to ensure this course is right for you. 

See you in the course!!!

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