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50% off How I Create a Udemy Course in 3 Hours Or Less - Unofficial

By Paul Adams - Sunday, August 14, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 50% off How I Create a Udemy Course in 3 Hours Or Less - Unofficial. Create A Udemy Course In A Single Afternoon Using Keynote & ScreenFlow 5.

50% off How I Create a Udemy Course in 3 Hours Or Less - Unofficial

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Course Description

This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.

**Updated as of May 2016**

Learn How to Create A Udemy Course Extremely Fast! In 3 Hours Time I Show You How I Create All My Course Content From Scratch, & Still Meet Udemy's Quality Standards, So I Can Move Straight Into Editing & Upload

Design a succinct yet effective Udemy course with just a few hours of development
Learn the basics of Keynote - from formatting, to animation, and recording
Learn how to Screen Record a course presentation using ScreenFlow
Learn how to edit lectures using ScreenFlow's native workspace
Pull all the pieces together to create a beautiful course that excels in to-the-point brevity
I started by observing all of Udemy's minimum expectations, then designed a short course around those expectations. The result is a high-quality course from the ground up! 

One day on my day off from work, I set myself up to the challenge of creating a complete Udemy course that meets all of Udemy's quality standards in only 3 hours time. My vision was for the sort of student, be it a Udemy newcomer or a merely busy person that's eager to dive into teaching online. Who maybe doesn't have much time to dedicate a month let alone a week's worth of attention to developing a full course. In this course I show that sort of student how to take-off and get right into course creation for the Udemy platform.

It was quite a challenge limiting myself to the minimum amount of lectures and content, but needless to say, it was a success! It even changed my perspective on long courses. I discovered that there's a way to condense material and still be entirely effective with the outcome. I no longer feel like I need to jam tons of material within one course. Sometimes the topic at hand lends itself to a more concentrated time frame. Such is my revelation with this course I have for you.

You too can create a course that's concise, yet effective. This course was designed for the person that needs a jumpstart to teaching online. That needs a quick guided tour of Udemy's most emphasized standards. Who wants to learn how to create content and move quickly into editing and polishing before upload to Udemy.

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