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50% off Logo Design for Entrepreneurs

By Paul Adams - Sunday, August 21, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 50% off Logo Design for Entrepreneurs. Intro course to logo design. Learn how to create your own logo.

50% off Logo Design for Entrepreneurs

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Course Description
Hi, welcome to my course.

In this course you can learn how to design a logo. This logo might be for you or your client.

What is the logo about is the main question you need to answer when designing it. And the only way to do that successfully is through use of visual language.

In order to communicate in verbal language, we use words with certain meaning attached to them. The visual language works in similar way. Visual elements, like for example, geometric shapes, colors and typography, when arranged properly will have certain meaning. Through different, educated arrangements, you can communicate different meanings.

When you design your logo, you will have very specific meaning to communicate. In this course you will learn the basic of visual communication and you will learn how to design an appropriate, yet powerful logo.

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