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50% off Renewable Energy and Climate Change Lite

By Paul Adams - Wednesday, August 17, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 50% off Renewable Energy and Climate Change Lite. Jam-packed Comprehensive Overview of Energy, Climate Change, Fossil Fuels & new innovative Renewable Energy Technologies.

50% off Renewable Energy and Climate Change Lite

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Course Description
Updated in June 2016!

Over 300 students enrolled in just 2 days!

The Earth is in CRISIS and needs you. Yes YOU!!

Be a superhero. Save our planet Earth!
Fun Facts:

Did you know ... that the Earth receives more energy from the sun in a single hour than the world uses in a whole year. Currently, we capture only 1% of the sun's energy to produce electricity.

Did you know ... that animals (mostly COWS) contribute to global warming?!! Yes, around 20% of all world's greenhouse gas emissions (methane) is belched and passed by COWS!

An EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND, FUN, STEP-BY-STEP course designed just for you.

Take this course if any of these apply to you:

You want to learn about climate change and the environment Or
You want to learn about fossil fuels Or
You want to Live or Work OFF-THE-GRID Or
You're new and want to and want to make an investment in YOURSELF and Jumpstart Your CAREER with a Certificate of Completion for:
a 'GREEN' Job Or
college/university admission Or
You're a professional already in the renewable energy industry, and want to learn more
Then this course is for you

With 8 lectures, I'll walk you through each lecture in a series of videos.

This course provides a quick overview of:

Climate Change and the Environment
Fossil Fuels and How they are formed
Fossil Fuels and the environmental costs
Energy Efficiency and Conservation
New Renewables
Renewable Energy Technologies, including:
Biomass and biofuels (innovative jatropha and algae-derived oils)
Intro to Power with some Math
Solar power (PV and solar thermal)


You will have a unique and thorough understanding of the basics, terminology, concepts, and technologies to be proud of. Plus you'll receive a Certificate of Completion too.

INVEST in your FUTURE! GET STARTED NOW! Just click "Take This Course" and you will be on your way. If you are a student in one of my other courses, and have a coupon, just click 'Redeem Coupon'.

Looking forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Happy Learning!

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