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50% off Renewable Energy and Climate Change

By Paul Adams - Wednesday, August 17, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 50% off Renewable Energy and Climate Change. Jam-packed Comprehensive Overview of Energy, Climate Change, Fossil Fuels & new innovative Renewable Energy Technologies.

50% off Renewable Energy and Climate Change

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Course Description
Updated in JUNE  2016!

4+ STARS - Reviews have been GREAT!

The Earth is in CRISIS and needs you. Yes YOU!!

Be a superhero. Save our planet Earth!

Fun Facts:

Did you know ... that the Earth receives more energy from the sun in a single hour than the world uses in an ENTIRE year. Currently, we capture only 1% of the sun's energy to produce electricity.

Did you know ... that animals (mostly COWS) contribute to global warming?!! Yea, around 20% of all world's greenhouse gas emissions (methane) is belched and passed by COWS!

Take this course because you want to:

save our planet Earth!
learn about climate change and the environment Or
learn about fossil fuels Or
Live or Work OFF-THE-GRID Or
make an investment in YOURSELF and Jumpstart Your CAREER with a Certificate of Completion for:
a 'GREEN' Job Or
college/university admission Or
learn more as a professional in the renewable energy industry
Then this course is for you.

Take this Easy-to-understand STEP-BY-STEP course on Renewable Energy and Climate Change, if you want to help save our planet. 

After taking this course you will know where oil comes from, what coal is, what CO2 and Methane are and how they contribute to global warming.

You will have a unique and thorough understanding of the basics, terminology, concepts, and technologies to be proud of. Plus you'll receive a Certificate of Completion too.

I'll walk you through each lecture through a series of videos. With 19 lectures and 90 mins of videos, this course provides a comprehensive overview of:

Energy and Electricity
Climate Change and the Environment
Fossil Fuels
Renewable Energy Technologies, including:
Biomass and biofuels (innovative "jatropha" and "algae-derived" oils)
Solar power (PV and solar thermal)
Wind power (horizontal axis, vertical axis, offshore, 'Turbines Integrated into Buildings')
Fuel Cells
Hydroelectric power
Wave and tidal power
Ocean thermal energy

This course is jam-packed to cover them all. Plus end-of-section review questions, quizzes, and loads of resources.

INVEST in your FUTURE, and GET STARTED NOW! Just click "Take This Course" button and you will be on your way.

If you have a coupon, even better! Just Enter/Click on the coupon's URL to get started!

Looking forward to helping you achieve your goals. Happy Learning!

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