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50% off SAP Evaluated Receipt Settlement -ERS

By Paul Adams - Monday, August 15, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 50% off SAP Evaluated Receipt Settlement -ERS. Back end Setting( SPRO configuration) & Front End transaction related to SAP ERS process are available in this course.

50% off SAP Evaluated Receipt Settlement -ERS

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Course Description

This course will give you the better understanding of Evaluated Receipt Settlement Process in SAP.

Evaluated Receipt settlement (ERS) in SAP R/3

ERS allows settlement of a goods receipt without receiving the Actual Invoice from the vendor

Using Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) means that you have an agreement with your suppliers that they do not create invoices for purchasing transactions, but you post them yourself based on the information contained in purchase orders and service entries. Thus, ERS has the following advantages:

Purchasing transactions are closed more quickly.

Communication errors are avoided.

No price and quantity variances in invoice verification.

This course is structured in two parts:-

1. Process steps of Material Settlement in ERS

2. Process Steps of Material and Planned Delivery Cost Settlement in ERS.

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