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50% off WordPress eCommerce with WooCommerce

By Vũ Hương - Sunday, August 28, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 50% off WordPress eCommerce with WooCommerce. Put up a WooCommerce site in under 30 min., and also discover when it's best to use another type of cart.

50% off WordPress eCommerce with WooCommerce

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Course Description

Update April/2015: This course is now the most popular and highest-rated WordPress eCommerce and WooCommerce course on Udemy (9000+ students). When you take the course you will see why: we teach you in a progressive way that allows you to quickly pick-up the basics in order to create your first ecommerce store in as little as 15-30 minutes -- while at the same time covering almost the entire WooCommerce functionality in the more advanced videos. This course will save you hours of trial-and-error in setting up your first ecommerce store, and may also give you ideas that will enhance your sales and help manage your site and user-experience better. Equally important, we will show where another type of ecommerce solution is best.

We start by reviewing the most common shopping cart systems used on WordPress websites. We explore when you should choose a WordPress shopping cart plugin (such as WooCommerce) and when you would choose another type of cart (such as, a hosted cart solution).

Then we discuss various WordPress cart plugins, leading up to a thorough review and demonstration of the recommended solution, WooCommerce.

Then we proceed towards mastery of WooCommerce, as follows:

The Quick Start Section shows you all the basics: shop page layouts and shortcodes, adding products and images, the checkout process for digital downloads and shippable products, PayPal configuration, and more. We also discuss the themes that will work best.

The Reference Section goes into more detail, including the advanced products types & shipping methods, taxes and tax classes, coupons, order & inventory management, product reviews and more.

And finally the WooCommerce Styling and Programming Section provides more advanced information (some of it for programmers, but presented for a non-programming audience) on creating your own email templates, working with Actions and Hooks, and CSS styling of your site.

This is the most comprehensive, impactful and to-the-point WordPress eCommerce course on the web. Why? Because:

We only show you what you need to know. WooCommerce leads the other WordPress shopping carts by a wide margin. There is rarely any need to choose another shopping cart plugin (except for simple PayPal sites, which we cover as well). So why waste your time?
The videos are quite comprehensive -- for instance we show you the exact steps to take to configure PayPal to properly accept your digital download orders.
Our professionally-produced videos get to the point. We will save you hours of research and trial & error.
This is one of WP Academy's most recent and best courses. We hope you enjoy it. It is part of a larger effort called the WordPress Business Encyclopedia , which is a complete web technology training system. Please visit us on the web and check out the free resources including the WordPress Business Toolkit.

Here is the full content list:

Section 1: Introduction to WordPress Shopping Carts

Choosing a WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin
Section 2: WooCommerce Quick Start

WooCommerce Review Part 1
WooCommerce Review Part 2: Popular Extensions; MarketPress & Shopp comparison; Total cost of ownership
Installing WooCommerce, WooCommerce Pages
Products, Product Categories & Images
WooCommerce Settings & Shop Page Layouts
Shop Page Shortcodes & WooCommerce Widgets
Checkout Process; PayPal Payment Gateway
Digital Downloads
Flat-Rate Shipping
WooThemes or Other Theme?
Section 3: WooCommerce Reference

Types of Products, Upsells & Cross-sells, Grouped Products
Product Attributes & Variations; Layered Nav Widgets
Advanced Shipping, Shipping Classes, Bulk Product Editing
Taxes & Tax Classes
Order Management & Reporting
Inventory Management
Product Reviews
WooCommerce User Roles
Section 4: WooCommerce Styling & Programming

Email Template Customization
WooCommerce Programming Basics: Hooks, Actions, Filters
WooCommerce CSS Styling, Theme Compatibility

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