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50% offThe Complete iOS Bootcamp

By Paul Adams - Thursday, August 4, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 50% off The Complete iOS Bootcamp. Learn iOS9 with Swift2 along with iOS8 and WatchKit with Actual iOS Apps with Source Code.

50% offThe Complete iOS Bootcamp

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Course Description

In this iOS Bootcamp you will learn fundamentals of developing iOS applications using Swift programming language both the versions.

This course contains 255 lectures spread over 30 hours of video.

You will have access to actively ask Rick any questions you like related to the content.

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to write iOS applications that use tables, hierarchical and tabbed navigation, and understand the principles behind developing any iOS application.

The course will be complimented with shorter sessions on the various 
extension frameworks at a later date, including SpriteKit, SceneKit, 
HealthKit, WatchKit, etc

We will also cover everything you need to develop compelling apps for Apple Watch using the WatchKit framework and the Swift programming language. 

We'll cover the techniques of app development, starting with some simple apps and working our way up to more complex techniques..

We'll build several apps together, including a simple note taker, a few different kinds of calculator, a few of games, a simple memo systems with voice recording and playback, etc. 

 All topics are easy to learn and presented in digestible short 5 to 15 minute videos with real world examples and demos. The course contains discussions and demos to test your skill. All demos come with full source codes that you can download which is complimentary and use for your projects.

Topics include:

Introduction to working with Xcode
Data types, optionals, and tuples
Collection types: arrays, sets, and dictionaries
If statements and loops
functions and closures
Classes and structures
Stored and computed properties
Inheritance in Swift
Introduction to iOS
Model - View - Controller and its role in iOS programming
Navigation controllers and segues
Tab bar controllers
Table view controllers
Using various cell sty les
Using headers and footers
Grouping vs. plain table styles
Indexing a table view
A case study: NoteTaker:
Swift Primer
7 real apps
I hope you join me as we explore this course together!

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