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75% off Spring MVC For Beginners : Build Java Web App in 25 Steps

By Paul Adams - Tuesday, August 23, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 75% off Spring MVC For Beginners : Build Java Web App in 25 Steps. Beginners Guide to Spring MVC with a Hands-on Step by Step Approach.

75% off Spring MVC For Beginners : Build Java Web App in 25 Steps

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Course Description

35 out of 61 Reviews are 5 Star - updated 03/23/2016

"Great course to get basic knowledge of Spring MVC. Instructor is great, explanations are clear and simple. I recommend it to everyone interested in basics of java web. Thanks!"

"The author explain everyting nicely. App build from scratch All the spring magic and feature explained."

"Speechless! Finally something of quality that's worth buying. Please release more on Spring like Rest, Hadoop etc. Also don't forget Play framework."

Course Description

Developing your first Spring MVC Web Application is fun.

In this course, you will learn the basics developing a Basic Todo Management Application using Spring MVC with Login and Logout functionalities.

You will build the website step by step - in more than 25 steps. This course would be a perfect first step as an introduction to Java Web Application Development.

You will be using Spring (Dependency Management), Spring MVC, Spring Security (Authentication and Authorization), BootStrap (Styling Pages), Maven (dependencies management), Eclipse (IDE) and Tomcat Web Server. We will help you set up each one of these.

You will learn about

Basic Todo Management Application with Login/Logout
Model, Controllers, ViewResolver and Filters
Forms - DataBinding, Validation
Annotation based approach - @RequestParam, @PathVariable, @ModelAttribute, @SessionAttributes etc
Bootstrap to style the page
Spring Security
Exception Handling
Basic REST Services
Step Wise Details

Step 11 : Configure application to use Spring MVC
Step 12 : First Spring MVC Controller, @ResponseBody, @Controller
Step 13 : Redirect to Login JSP - LoginController, @ResponseBody and View Resolver
Step 14 : DispatcherServlet and Log4j
Step 15 : Show userid and password on the welcome page - ModelMap and @RequestParam
Step 16 : LoginService and Remove all JEE Servlets based code
Step 17 : Spring Auto-wiring and Dependency Management - @Autowired and @Service
Step 18 : Create TodoController and list-todos view. Make TodoService a @Service and inject it.
Step 19 : Web Application Architecture
Step 20 : More about Spring Framework
Step 21 : Session vs Model vs Request - @SessionAttributes
Step 22 : New Todo and redirect to a Controller
Step 23 : JSTL
Step 24 : Bootstrap - using Webjars
Step 25 : Let's delete a Todo
Step 26 : Use Bootstrap to format and add HTML5 Validations
Step 27 : Introduce JSR 349 Validations using Hibernate Validator - First Command Bean.
Step 28 : Let's update a Todo
Step 29 : Let's add a Target Date for Todo - Use initBinder to Handle Date Fields
Step 30 : Navigation bar and JSP Fragments
Step 31 : Let's prepare for Spring Security
Step 32 : Initial Setup for Spring Security
Step 33 : Refactor and add Logout Functionality using Spring Security
Step 34 : Exception Handling in Spring MVC - @ControllerAdvice, @ExceptionHandler and error-page in web dot xml
Step 35 : Let's add Internationalization - i18n
Step 36 : Basic Spring Rest Services - @RestController and jackson-databind
Step 37 : More Rest Services - @PathVariable
We do NOT interact with a Database in this Beginner’s Course.

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