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75% off Windows 10

By Vũ Hương - Tuesday, August 30, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 75% off Windows 10. Learn how to easily upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8 free. Get up and running with fast with Windows 10.

75% off Windows 10

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Course Description

Course Update 3 (8/29/15): Unleash Cortana's full potential with the phrase "Hey, Cortana". This lecture will show you how easy it is to set up and really make Cortana shine as your digital personal assistant in Windows 10.

Course Update 2 (8/20/15): "How to customize your Privacy settings" and "How to stream games from your Xbox One to any Windows 10 computer"

Course Update: New updated section walks you through the upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 start to finish!!

Did you know you get upgrade to Windows 10 for free?

"Windows 10" is the new operating system from Microsoft releasing in July 2015. In this course you will learn how to get your FREE upgrade from "Windows 7" or "Windows 8". In addition, you will learn how use new features of Windows 10 as well as transition from the way you did things in "Windows 7" or "Windows 8".

This course is for the general computer user. It is not designed for IT Administrators or those studying for certifications.

The course consists of videos that demonstrate how tasks were accomplished in previous versions of Windows, and how to get the same tasks completed in "Windows 10".

Learn how to get your mail, photos, and more set up quick and easy.
The return of the Start Button!
Meet Cortana, your new personal assistant
Customize Windows 10 the way you want
More to come with each update!
About Instructor:

Eleven XIII has over 15 years experience in training, e-learning, graphics, animation, and game development. Eleven XIII creates engaging and unique courses. Eleven XIII Products, LLC has worked with dozens of companies to create training, web, and commercial experiences including Microsoft, Husqvarna, AirGas, Burger King, and more. Eleven XIII is excited to share that experience to help students quickly get up to speed and comfortable with Windows 10. Eleven XIII was part of the Windows Insider program, a network of over 1 million users that helped shape Windows 10 to its final form. Firm believers in e-learning, Eleven XIII LLC is looking forward to teaching students on Udemy

Your Instructor, Steve is the founder of Eleven XIII Products, LLC and has been a creator and advocate of e-learning since he first saw a demo of a multimedia encyclopedia at the dawn of the CD-ROM.

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