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78% off Advanced Selenium(Architect)-Pageobject,TestNG,Maven,Jenkins

By Vũ Hương - Monday, August 29, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 78% off Advanced Selenium(Architect)-Pageobject,TestNG,Maven,Jenkins. Designing of Selenium Test Framework with the Latest Technologies: Maven, TestNG,Jenkins,Pageobject Pattern, Grid.

78% off Advanced Selenium(Architect)-Pageobject,TestNG,Maven,Jenkins

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Course Description

"One Single Course to Master Test Automation Framework with all Latest Technologies available in globe! "

Design Selenium Automation“Framework with -
(TestNG, Maven,Jenkins,ANT,SeleniumGrid,Pageobject design pattern)
More than 300+ Potential students already enrolled and 5 Star Reviews all the way

Are you struggling in understanding the Test Automation Frameworks and clearing Top Companies Interviews?

Do you have a dream of designing a Selenium framework and showcase it at your work?
Do you want to understand what components are used in Designing Frameworks in real time?
Do you have just basic knowledge on Selenium and thinking to enhance your skills at Architect level?

If Yes ,You are at Right place

Design Selenium Automation“Framework" from Scratch with most popular Automation tools 

On course completion You will be Mastered in Desigining Framework and can implement Successfully it in your work place

This Course teaches:
TestNG Basics 
TestNG XMl file Techniques in triggering Selenium testcases
How to adopt TestNG Concepts for Selenium
Grouping the testcases and running in Batch
Data driving the Selenium Tests with TestNG Annotations
Maven Concepts– Build Management Tool
Build Maven project with dependencies
Integrating Maven with TestNG
Jenkins Basics – Continuos Integration Tool
Scheduling Night Jenkins Scripts on Maven Build
Explaining Pageobject Design Patterns
Adopting Pageobject DesignPattern to Selenium
Integrating Pageobject+Selenium+TestNG+Maven+Jenkins
Selenium Grid- Cross Browser Testing

I Teach Concepts from Very Scratch assuming my students do not have any prior knowledge on any of above topics and 
By end of course they will be landing on Architect level Skilled Professional

Happy Testing!!!!!!!

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