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87% off SAP BW 7.4 : Extraction Training 2016 - SAP BW

By Paul Adams - Friday, August 26, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 87% off SAP BW 7.4 : Extraction Training 2016 - SAP BW. Get trained in SAP BW Extraction. This course covers in depth knowledge of Generic & Logistic Extraction and many more..

87% off SAP BW 7.4 : Extraction Training 2016 - SAP BW

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Course Description

Course Updated On : 15th Aug 2016

SAP BW is very Niche Skills and market has lot of demand for BW consultant as this skill provides best business solutions, eventually giving higher Turnovers & Profits but due to scarcity of such skilled manpower companies are bound to pay High Wages provided you must have sound knowledge about it. 

Why Learn SAP BW? As of 2015, the average SAP BI/BW starting salary is over $150,000! SAP BI/BW is a recession proof career as it is not related to IT. Big Data, Reporting. Analytics. Ride the wave with SAP BI/BW. Recommended For Anyone with an interest in SAP BI/BW Anyone interested in learning about data warehousing Anyone that has some knowledge of SAP and wants to get into the BI/BW space

So if your a fresher or your already working with SAP looking to make your career in SAP BW then this is the perfect course for you.

The course have loads of document on the relevant topics which will not find online.

This course is the continuation of the course SAP BW Modeling.

In this course the major topics that are covered are as follows:

Generic Extraction
Type of Generic Delta
Logistic Extraction
Types Of Update Mode
Safety Interval Upper & Lower Limits
COPA Extraction
Loads Of Document on each topic
After you have completed this course you will know each and every steps to Extract the Data to BW from Different source system and precautions to be taken so as to get a stable system

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