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88% off Facebook Ads - Viral Facebook Ads PPC

By Vũ Hương - Wednesday, August 24, 2016 No Comments

Udemy coupon 88% off Facebook Ads - Viral Facebook Ads PPC. Create Facebook Ad campaigns that easily get 7¢ clicks AND 11% Click-Through Rates PLUS Viral Likes, Comments & Shares.

88% off Facebook Ads - Viral Facebook Ads PPC

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Course Description

"Hi Dave. I made it! I am getting a 10.377% CTR and $0.08 clicks!" :D


"Dave, just got a whopping 6.736% CTR on the first try. Thanks so much!"

Frans Van Agthoven

"WOW ... this really works!!! I'm getting clicks for 7c with 4.78% CTR ... Crazy!!"


If you are interested in using Facebook Ads for your business (or any business) then this brief, 45-minute Udemy course is for you!

In this course, I reveal a sneaky, yet simple way (white hat) to get incredibly cheap traffic from Facebook Ads - one of the world's best ad networks.

Not only will you learn the simple strategy for getting 5¢ clicks on Facebook, but these clicks also come with several bonuses!

Because not only are these extremely low-cost clicks, but they are also extremely effective - you will also be getting Clickthrough Rates (CTRs) as high as 11%!

And that's not all!

Because when you implement this strategy, you will ALSO get high engagement on your ads.

Your "Likes", "Comments" and "Shares" will be through the roof!

Powerful benefits of creating Facebook Ad campaigns with this strategy:

Low Cost Per Click - as low as 5¢
High CTR - As high as 11% or more
High engagement - Viral Likes, Comments and Shares
All these are yours in this one, little-known, yet easy-to-do strategy!

You will be blown away as you see how powerful this one strategy is for generating extremely low-cost traffic - even before you add your own targeting!

Let's face it, all the big dogs are using Facebook Ads to generate tons of targeted traffic to their websites, offers and more.

But Facebook Ads have gotten very expensive as a result.

This course will show you how to "level the playing field" and grab your share of dirt-cheap, high-return Facebook traffic!

You will also discover how to build a massive email list for pennies and then a variety of ways to monetize that list.

Also revealed: A killer way to sell access to your massive email list to businesses who need instant sales. You will literally be able to turn businesses around with this one simple strategy.

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